EXPO 2000, Hanover, Germany

In Between, Art Project of the Expo

"What precisely Gelatin are showing at In Between is not known. Their Weltwunder is concealed some meters below ground level and can be reached only by going underwater. To get at this 'Wonder Of The World', visitors to Expo 2000 will have to strip off, ask their friends to take care of their belongings, take deep breath and dive in."

The way to enter the Weltwunder, diving down in that cozy hole was exciting enough. Trying it the first time your heart was beating like when looking into the eyes of your first love.
It seems really exciting to discover a wonder. People who managed to dive down did not come back for 10, 20 minutes. After getting out of the waterhole they glared like totally changed - seeming to be the happiest persons, who just experienced the best thing since a long time.
Amazingly also the divers who didn't make it down all the way, who kept trying several times but could not handle it by any means, stepped out ouf the water totally illuminated, like it was also their best day since months. That's why the Weltwunder was a "Wonder Of The World".

Together with Herwig Müller

Since June 2013 Weltwunder is on permanent display in the sculpture garden of 21er Haus, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna.

Untitled, print, 38 x 50,5 cm, 2000 © Gelitin

Photo: Roman Mensing

Photo © Gelitin