True Love IV

Gwangju Korea Biennale, Southkorea

On day 88 of the year 2002 four eager astronauts boarded the impressive fourstory building tall rocketship "True Tove IV" located in South Korea. to embark on a 25 year mission to venus and back to earth.
The missions objective was to investigate in the nature of love and return samples to earth to obtain knowledge about how humans could rebalance the different love-forces on earth.
Unfortunately there were serious miscalculations made about the rockets ballistics end engines. Seconds after ignition, the rocket fell back to earth after having lifted of the ground for just one centimeter and
collapsed sideways onto the ground.
Mysteriously the astronauts survived the blast and the impact.
They said they where sad not to be on the trip to venus but happy to be alive and ready for love.

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin