Palais Keiner Mayer

Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna, Austria



the decision, if left or right, clock or counterclock is set upon a place where four stairs meet

the journey then unfolds upfront in the oval O

going upwards,   downways, the landscape changes,  elevation, and then descending going low again.

detox-retox, a stair with a return.


in a great dress , nude , or in shreds, stumbling with crotches, upright or crawling

it is spectacular to see a body moving on stairs the in- and decline moving the bodys pneumatics.


no handrail up high, the passing of other travelers gets exiting


old furniture struggling with stiffness to support the stairs , colums growing from driftwood,

and creeks and crackles under the weight of the descending nude


black wax dripping from the chandelier crowning the hollow in the O where  talks and performances where held.



Article "Die Typen meinen, was sie bauen", by Tex Rubinowitz, Falter 49/09, December 2, 2009