Gelatin Institute

Leo Koenig Inc., New York, USA

That’s all about it: Leo Koenig inc. is so pleased to be the warmly welcoming host of the “Gelatin Institute”. The institute pictures the intense scrutinization of the adventures and natural habits of the gelatin boys and friends. The story of good and evil, spit and honey, about live and let's lunch, the great themes of humankind shown in the creamcoloured, spongy atmosphere of a long forgotten tiny room behind your molars. It's a surprisingly classic show gelatin is setting up for their second exhibition at the gallery.

gelatin institute_F1a
Photo © Gelitin

Untitled, plasticine, photo, 86 x 112 cm, 2003
Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg
Foto © Gelitin


Untitled, plasticine, wood, photo, 153 x 162 cm, 2003
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Wien
Photo: Belvedere

Untitled, plasticine, fabric, photo, 76 x 197 x 29 cm, 2003
Foto © Gelitin

gelarchiv0573 2
Untitled, plasticine, photo, 97 x 412 cm, 2003
Foto © Gelitin