Chinese Synthese Leberkäse

Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

A monolithic exhibition by Gelitin.
Welcome and drop your pants on the ground floor.
A forest of poems surrounds the visitor, lures her into the elephant with its labyrinth of handknitted letters. Here the little brown sun finally rises.
Down the steps, up the stairs.
Large-format paintings, lemurs, frogs, bakers, farmers, worms, women, hands, eyelashes, wriggle up from the mud that they are. A whispering in the mud above you, next to you, and beneath you.
Look longer and you get more out of it.
The movies or "How do I Survive the Afternoon" is the theme of the next floor.
The film being shown here tells the story of innocent curiosity, charity, and the loss of all sense of time and compassion.
Third floor: abdominal pregnancy. Behind the navel, small intestine, mother of all elephants.

Together with: Hannes Anderle, Marc Aschenbecher Aschenbrenner, Günther Bernhart, Vaginal Davis, Dame Darcy, Sabine Friesz, Günter Gerdes, Sara Glaxia, Christoph Harringer, David Jourdan, Knut Klaßen, Jochen Knochen Dehn, Sean de Lear, Gabriel Loebell, Christoph Meier, Rita Nowak, Paola Pivi, Sara Pichelkostner

 Catalogue "Chinese Synthese Leberkäse", Kunsthaus Bregenz 2006

Untitled, collage (for poster), plasticine on wood, 120 x 86 x 6,5 cm, 2006 © Gelitin

Kacksaal, Photo: Markus Tretter

Schlammsaal, Photo: Markus Tretter

Kinosaal, Photo: Markus Tretter

Pietmondriansaal, Photo: Markus Tretter


Guernica, plasticine on wood, 207 x 250 x 13 cm, 2005
Photo: Markus Tretter