Liverpool Biennial, UK

England, the carpet paradise. Naturally enough we want carpets. There are unbelievable dimensions of grime there. Especially in Liverpool. Especially the carpets from the refuse dump, enriched over the years with sport stains. England opened up new worlds of indoor filth to us.
Out of Liverpool carpets we built a precipitous gorge, a mini carpet-canyon. At one end a stage, at the other a gogo pole. From the outside, the whole construct was like an experimental test setup, a giant laser canon, a person catalyst. It was filled with particles (visitors), and they were enriched with energy (music, chewing-gummed shows, body language, excessive dancing, alcohol and all the usual rest).

Article "Gelatin's Armpit: The Liverpool Biennale September 2002", by Seamus Kealy, Flash Art International, Summer 2003

Photo © Gelitin

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Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin