All Together Now

Tim van Laere Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

The visitor (m/f) is asked to pee in a urinal, the urine then runs through a transparent tube throughout the gallery and is collected in a colossal plastic bubble best described as an oval hot water bed. That (warm) bubble offers other visitors a seat, a lie-down, a wandering moment or - why not - a moment to reflect on the sense and nonsense of life itself. (Jos Van der Bergh)
We all need to pee, it is something omnipresent, a feeling we all know and we really wanted to use urine as a construction material. In fact, we always use the most normal things from our surroundings and turn them into objects or installations. Why not use urine, a material that otherwise would simply be wasted.
In a somewhat simplistic way we could call it a ‘democratic sculpture’. The more people contribute to this sculpture, the more comfortable it becomes.

Article "All Together Now: Gelitin - Partners in Crime", by Jos Van den Berg, Exhibition Catalogue, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp 2011
Catalogue "All Together Now", Tim van Laere Gallery, 2011

Untitled, drawing (for poster), 41,8 x 29,6 cm, 2010 © Gelitin

Photo © Tim Van Laere Gallery

Photo © Tim Van Laere Gallery

Photo © Tim Van Laere Gallery