When not, then yes (You go, I stay)

Nagoya City Art Museum, Japan

Arts and Cities, Aichi Triennale 2010

Within the performance space a sculpture momentarily takes shape, made from the silver glitter normally used in theatrical productions. It leaves its traces on the floor like an array of stars carpeting the evening sky.
The glitter is dispersed, slowly collected, and again scattered into space. This series of repetitions is listlessly enacted at irregular intervals, just as in life, where the best-laid plans never quite jibe.
Besides the performers, a few chairs on hand for time-outs, and a cactus, which quietly watches the unfolding event, play supporting roles in the scene. The scattered glitter adheres to viewers and spreads gradually from the exhibit room to outside the museum, as if the embodiment of a festive resonance, or as if a communicable virus is hiding in plain sight.

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin