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La Louvre - Paris

Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, France

"Gelitin took over an entire floor of the museum. They filled the space that the museum gave them with more than 3,000 artworks, from big installations, to small pieces, exhibited from the floor to ceiling.
Broken walls, toilets, photographs of men half naked, piles of chairs, pipes, stuffed animals, real birds — this is the world of Gelitin. A whole room is filled with paintings made with modeling clay, a re-visitation of masterpieces referencing Paris: La Joconde (Leonardo da Vinci), etc.
A large band of artistic friends took part in the creation of some works. After being overwhelmed by the vision of all these works (paintings, sculptures, installation, drawings k nitting works, photos) I started to detect the smell of caramel and cheese, which were used to make some of the works on display. Cheese, like caramel, was coated on to a sculpture: the smell was very strong as the room was getting warmer and full of visitors.
The world of Gelitin could be defined as an enormous extravagant chaotic and proliferating universe. It is difficult to describe the work with a few adjectives. I am very enthusiastic with this exhibition and its dynamic, colorful, unpredictable and unique in its style." (Emmanuel Perrotin)

Together with: Mom/S, Gabriel Loebell, Knut Klaßen, Christoph Meier, Michail Michailov, Günther Bernhardt, Hannes Anderle, Hubert Fürlinger, Simone Höller, Viktor Jaschke, Stefanie, Christoph Harringer, Francesco Stocchi, Salvatore Viviano, Sean deLear, Maria Ziegelböck, Jochen Dehn, Jeremy, Veronique, Juli, Ben Washington, Sayoko, Vasilena Gankovska, Aurelie, Sara Glaxia

Article "La Louvre is Home", by Francesco Stocchi, spike Kunstmagazin, Wien/Berlin, Frühling 2008
 Catalogue "La Livre - Paris", Walther König, Cologne 2011

Poster for La Louvre, Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo © Gelitin

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo © Gelitin

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck

Photo: Maria Ziegelböck